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Aesthetic Dental Fillings in Mt. Kisco, NY

Aesthetic Dental Fillings are an important dental tool to help improve your oral health by repairing teeth damaged by cavities and other tooth decay. Cleaning out the decayed or damaged parts of your tooth and filling them in with strong materials can help your teeth look better, function more efficiently, and stay stronger for longer.


Materials Used for Dental Fillings in Mt. Kisco

There are many different kinds of materials that have been used for fillings throughout the years. Some common ones include porcelain, composite resin, and a sort of metallic grey mixture called amalgam. Amalgam is made up of a mix of mercury and silver as well as a few other ingredients.

Some people who were given amalgam fillings in the past have been encouraged by oral health care professionals to have their fillings replaced with composite resin or porcelain because the mercury in the filling could be released over time and cause health problems.

Not only is it safer to replace these dark or metallic looking fillings but it’s also more aesthetically pleasing. Getting fillings that match the coloring of your teeth helps your teeth look more natural and flawless and they don’t call attention to where you’ve had cavities or experienced dental decay.


All About Aesthetic Fillings

Aesthetic dental fillings in Mt. Kisco are all about strengthening your teeth in style! It’s the act of replacing attention-grabbing fillings with tooth-colored ones that blend right in. The process to replace a filling is simple and doesn’t take long at all. Plus, many of the materials used for aesthetic fillings are more similar to the actual tooth material so it fits into your smile with much more ease.


Is an Aesthetic Filling Right For Me?

If you feel embarrassed about your dark fillings or if you want them replaced due to concerns about mercury, give our office a call! And if you are in need of great, high quality, aesthetic dental fillings for your tooth decay or cavities in Mt. Kisco, NY, we can help.