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Comprehensive Dental Exam in Mt. Kisco, NY

Welcome to Elim Dental. We are proud to invite you to our dental family. On your first visit, you will receive a comprehensive dental examination. Dr. Oh completes a comprehensive dental exam for every patient to help understand your oral health. Learn more about comprehensive dental exams in Mt. Kisco, NY.


What Happens During a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

At Elim Dental, the appointment begins with a short interview process where we review your dental and medical history, as well as your chief complaint. Your chief complaint is why you came to visit Dr. Oh. If you visit to become established with a dental office, you may not have a chief complaint. After, Dr. Oh will gather a data set through a thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums, bite, and more. Dr. Oh will collect this data by gently looking into your mouth and examining your teeth. 


Next, Dr. Oh will take a series of radiographs and impressions for diagnostic models and intra-oral and extra-oral photographs if needed. X-rays help Dr. Oh visualize what is happening in your mouth and how he can best help you. Dr. Oh will analyze all the data collected through the comprehensive exam to evaluate your dental condition. After, our dentist will present you with different treatment options to address your dental needs and concerns.


What Tools are used During a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

During your comprehensive dental exam, Dr. Oh will use several tools to help him understand your oral health:

  1. Dr. Oh, use an ample overhead light to see inside of your mouth. The light will help him visualize areas of concern in your gums and teeth.
  2. Dr. Oh will use a tiny mirror to see hard-to-reach areas. This small mirror fits easily into your mouth and will help him see the backs and sides of your teeth.
  3. Dr. Oh will utilize an X-ray to take an image of your teeth.

Dr. Oh can look for cracks and decay in your teeth with this image. 


Is Oral Cancer Screening Included?

Yes, an oral cancer screening is a part of the comprehensive dental exam. During an oral cancer screening, Dr. Oh will examine your mouth and neck. He is looking for swollen lymph nodes, among other things. An oral cancer exam is essential because if caught early, it is treatable. 


How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

Dr. Oh recommends a comprehensive dental exam every six months or when you have a dental concern. Completing a thorough dental exam every six months allows Dr. Oh to monitor your oral health. With frequent dental exams, Dr. Oh can diagnose and treat dental concerns before they grow into big problems.


What are the Advantages of a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

Dr. Oh recommends comprehensive dental exams to all of his patients because they allow him to gather detailed data about your oral health. With this data, Dr. Oh can treat your dental concern or potential dental concerns faster. Treating and preventing dental problems early can save you time and money. Additionally, it can prevent you from feeling discomfort with a possible dental situation. 


Comprehensive Dental exams are a part of a good oral health routine from Dr. Oh at Elim Dental. A comprehensive dental exam is completed with standard dental tools and gives Dr. Oh the information to diagnose and treat your dental concern. If you have a dental problem or have not been to the dentist in a while, call our office today for a comprehensive dental exam.


Contact our office today to schedule your comprehensive dental exam in Mt. Kisco, NY today.