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Your general dentist is a healthcare professional you’re going to see often, so you want to ensure that you choose a general dentist that can offer you the best dental care in Mt Kisco, New York. Over half of all dental procedures are preventative, and with exceptional General Dentistry, you can ensure that your dental health needs are met. When you are left untreated, you will end up in pain, with lost time at work and with high costs of repeated care needed.

General Dentistry experts are the providers of the best preventative care for people from toddlerhood to seniority. When you speak to your dentist, you will be able to have regular, thorough examinations of your mouth and gums. You may need fillings and someone to keep on top of any tooth decay, and Elim Dental has the experts that you need to stay on top of your dental health. General dentistry covers a wide range of practices and procedures, and understanding what they do will help you to stay as healthy as possible.


What Do General Dentistry Experts Do?

80% of practicing dentists in the USA are general dentistry experts. The general dentists at Elim Dental in Mt Kisco, New York are some of the most focused around on your oral and dental healthcare. Some of the dentistry services provided by Elim Dental include:

  • Preventative. Maintaining your oral health before an infection or disease takes hold is important and with Elim Dental, you will have regular exams. This includes diagnostic imaging to ensure that the root of the problem is well taken care of. General dentistry also involves regular teeth cleaning and fillings, root canal therapy and creating custom mouth guards.
  • Restorative. Some services provided by a general dentist goes beyond the preventative and includes restorative dentistry. This includes removing tooth decay and adding fillings to your teeth, extractions and crowns and bridges. If you need immediate treatment for dental trauma, your General Dentistry expert is the place you’ll go. They can even help you to be fitted with dentures before referring elsewhere for specialist treatments.
  • Cosmetic. Some general dentistry experts will help with the smile makeover that you are looking for, with help with veneers and teeth whitening to get you the smile you deserve to boost your confidence. A brighter smile can make all the difference to your health, and a general dentist can help.
  • Other Health Concerns. Oral health is – oftentimes – a mirror of your overall general health. Gum disease can, for example, affect the heart. When your mouth is suffering, your dentist will be able to advise you to see a regular doctor to identify any other issues. They can also identify any issues with snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.


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