Teeth Whitening Elim Dental dentist in Mount Kisco, NY DR. JIN SUB OH, DMD, MSAre you self-conscious about your smile and looking for whiter teeth? A whiter, brighter smile can give you the confidence to show your teeth with pride. At Elim Dental, we offer safe and effective teeth whitening treatments in Mt. Kisco that can help you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.


What Causes Tooth Discoloration and What Are the Solutions?

It is said that over 1 million Americans whiten their teeth on an annual basis. Tooth discoloration can be caused by several factors, such as food and drinks, smoking, age, and more. You can treat this through a combination of proper home care, professional cleaning, and the application of an in-office or at-home whitening gel.

Whitening, also known as bleaching, is a procedure that uses a special gel that interacts with the stain molecules and the dentin and the enamel to brighten the shade of your teeth.


Two Teeth Whitening Approaches in Mt. Kisco, NY

Our safe, fast, and effective treatments can show spectacular results after just one visit. We offer both in-office and at-home solutions to help you achieve your desired results:


  • In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office (Chairside Bleaching) usually requires only one dental visit. Dr. Oh will start the procedure by placing a protective gel or a rubber shield over your gum tissue to prevent irritation. After that, we will carefully apply a bleaching agent that contains 25% hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth before using a UVB (ultra-violet) light to activate and enhance the bleaching process.

  • At-Home Teeth Whitening

You don’t have to spend hours in a dental chair to get whiter teeth like in some dental offices. Our at-home treatment is just as effective as our in-office treatment. Plus, it’s more convenient for you because you can do it in the comfort of your own home. 

Before starting an At-Home Whitening procedure, we invite you to visit us so that we can make an impression of your teeth. Using the impression, we’ll custom-craft your mouthguard.

You can use the mouthguard to hold the whitening gel uniformly and comfortably against your teeth. We recommend you wear it for a certain period, usually a couple of hours a day and at night, for around four weeks based on the desired outcome.


How Long Do Results Last?

With proper care, you can enjoy a brighter, whiter smile for many years to come. The results can last longer depending on several factors, including the type of whitening treatment used, the severity of your tooth discoloration, and your overall oral hygiene habits. 

For example, if you frequently smoke or drink coffee or tea, you may notice that your teeth begin to discolor again quickly. Our at-home teeth whitening kits can help you touch up every few months to maintain results as needed.


Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Store-Bought Products

A beautiful smile can brighten anyone’s day, but achieving and maintaining sparkling white teeth is not always easy. Many store-bought teeth whitening products claim to give dramatic results, but they often fall short of expectations. A professional treatment is a more effective way to achieve the desired results. 

When a trained dental professional performs, such as a hygienist at Elim Dental, teeth whitening is safe and gentle on tooth enamel. For example, we can first assess your teeth to ensure they are suitable for whitening treatment.

In contrast, store-bought products are often harsh on tooth enamel and take multiple treatments to produce any noticeable results. These products also carry the risk of causing gum irritation and sensitivity.

It is always best to seek professional treatment for these reasons. Professional treatment is more effective, gentle on the teeth, and safe for long-term use.


Call Today For Your Customized Teeth Whitening Solution in Mt. Kisco

You deserve to have the confidence that comes with a beautiful, white smile. With Elim Dental’s treatment, you can quickly and easily achieve the bright smile you’ve always wanted.

Schedule an appointment today for teeth whitening services. You’ll see the difference Elim Dental can make, and others will see it too in your stunning, white smile.