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Dental implants can be a great option if you’re looking to replace a missing tooth/teeth, looking to replace an extracted tooth, or if you want your removable dentures to be more comfortable.


What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Mt. Kisco are a dental replacement option that places a false tooth and false tooth root directly into your jaw bone and mimics perfectly both the look and function of natural teeth.


What Is The Process?

The first step is a consultation with your dentist. You can get an x-ray scan done of your teeth and your oral health will be evaluated. If you and your dentist decide that this would be a good fit for you, then you can schedule an appointment to get them placed.

A small opening will be made in your gums and titanium anchors that act as false tooth roots will then be placed right into your jaw bone. Once your gums have healed, then a customized false tooth will be placed onto the titanium anchors and you will be done with the process.


What Are The Benefits?

Choosing an option like dental implants helps keep your jaw bone and gums healthy and happy. Because they keep your jaw involved, it can prevent bone loss and decreases the likelihood of gum disease and irritation that can sometimes result from wearing removable denture options.

They are also long-lasting! When cared for properly they can last over 25 years. They’ll look and feel just like natural teeth and they won’t need to be removed or replaced very often.


How Can I Care For My Dental Implants?

Oral health care matters whether your teeth are natural or false. Brushing and flossing every morning and night is still just as important when you have dental implants. Make sure to still visit your dentist every six to twelve months to check-in and make sure that everything is functioning as it should be.

To learn more about dental implants in Mt. Kisco, NY and whether they’d be a good option for you, give our office a call!