laser dentistry Elim Dental dentist in Mt Kisco New York Dr. Jin Sub Oh ddsDo you dream of the perfect Smile? With Elim Dental, you can make that dream a reality. Our team offers general and cosmetic dentistry to deliver beautiful results and give you the confidence and joy of an improved smile. We believe everyone deserves to show off their best features, so we’re passionate about delivering custom solutions for your needs, including laser dentistry in Mt Kisco NY – our skilled staff will provide quality care that leaves you feeling great. With laser dentistry, patients can experience less irritation, faster healing, and better results – with improved accuracy. So if you’re looking for a more comfortable experience that delivers superior dental care outcomes, ask us how laser dentistry can help you reach your smile goals!


Laser Dentistry and its Many Benefits

Laser dentistry is an exciting development in the modern dental field! The laser acts as a cutting instrument or a vaporizer of tissue it comes in contact with during surgical and dental procedures. Lasers work by delivering highly-concentrated energy in the form of a specialized light. We are happy to be able to offer the latest in technology for dental patients. 

Laser dentistry technology has improved things for everyone involved – it’s simply amazing! Laser dentistry is minimally invasive and preferable to conventional surgery. It enables us to work precisely and accurately, which isn’t possible with traditional tools. In this way, it can ensure that treatments are completed more quickly and efficiently. The less time you spend in the chair means fewer anxiety-filled office visits and a better overall experience for our patients.

Laser dentistry can reduce pain and mitigate noise levels. We can also use it to cure a filling by strengthening the bond between the filling and your tooth. Specifically, laser dentistry can enhance dental procedures, including teeth whitening and tooth decay treatment. In teeth-whitening procedures, the laser is used as a heat source to activate and strengthen bleaching. 

Compared to traditional methods, laser dentistry is more beneficial because it can:

  • Increase accuracy: Today’s modern lasers provide us with an accurate and precise way to target dental treatment more effectively than ever before! From cavities to removing unhealthy tissue, laser dentistry targets the needed area without impacting surrounding healthy teeth and tissue. For this reason, laser technology is excellent for treating gum disease, as it can help remove harmful bacteria from the gums in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Reduce treatment time: Laser dentistry treatments can be completed quickly and efficiently. The reduced treatment time means fewer appointments and quicker turnaround times for you, the patient. 
  • Reduce discomfort: Laser dentistry is often less painful than traditional methods because it causes less damage to the surrounding tissue. The reduced discomfort means little to no bleeding, reduced swelling, and more comfort.
  • Reduce recovery time: Laser treatments are more comfortable and can reduce the need for sedation.
  • Minimize heat and vibration: Lasers are gentler and create less heat, vibration, and noise than traditional dental tools.
  • Eliminate the risk of infection: Laser dentistry kills bacteria and decreases the risk of infection.


Some Laser Dentistry Uses

Some dental procedures that can be enhanced with the use of laser dentistry include:

  • Performing a biopsy or removal of soft tissue lesions and ulcers
  • Curing or hardening of fillings
  • Teeth whitening
  • Reshaping of gum tissue
  • Removal of tooth decay areas
  • Elimination of pockets of infected gum tissue
  • Root canal therapy
  • Correction of ankyloglossia (tongue-tied)


Laser Dentistry In Mt Kisco, NY

From improving shape and color to hiding imperfections like gaps between teeth – we have just what you need for a picture-perfect smile! Plus, using modern technology such as laser dentistry at each stage ensures superior comfort throughout your treatment plan, so there are no unpleasant surprises along the way.

Contact us today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Jin Sub Oh in Mt. Kisco, NY. Let us help bring out the best in your Smile!